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About us

Marlene Sciacca originally opened Chelsea Street Boutique in 1988 in a small space in the former Vons shopping center off Chinowith. She stayed in that location for 5 years until they purchased a building on Mooney Blvd. And moved there, Chelsea Street Boutique was located there for 10 years. Marlene decided to retire from the retail business and sold the business and fixtures.

Years later, Marlene’s daughter Gina Sciacca decided to go to Fashion Design School. She graduated in 2005 from Brooks College in Long Beach, California. There she graduated with honors winning her end of the year fashion show for best evening wear design. Gina worked in the Southern California area in the fashion industry for a few years, when she decided she wanted to move back to Visalia. That was when Marlene and Gina decided to re-open chelsea Street Boutique on Main Street and run the business together. They opened Chelsea Street on Main on October of 2009.While Marlene and Gina wanted to keep the same ambiance of the original Chelsea Street Boutique, they updated the style of the logo and decor to make it more current.

While the original Chelsea Street Boutique was geared toward a more mature demographic, they now cater to a large range of ages, sizes, and pricepoints. About 80% of the merchandise is priced under $100.00 and around 20% of the merchandise is at a higher price point. The former Chelsea Street was all higher end.Chelsea Street Boutique offers complimentary gift wrap as well.

They pride themselves on giving excellent customer service and creating a comfortable shopping environment. Gina and Marlene are always prepared to work side by side with their customers assisting them with any of their fashion needs.

Chelsea Street is a family business, everybody involved is either family or almost like family. Gina and Marlene run the store with the assistance of Jennifer, the assistant manager, who has just joined the team.. Jennifer is their right hand, if Marlene and Gina are not there, Jennifer holds down the fort! Sam Sciacca, Marlene’s husband helps with all of the advertising.